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Who We Are

Our Mission

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens and leaders.
We work hard to help youths of all backgrounds develop those qualities which will serve them and their communities for a lifetime.

Our Commitment

The Boys & Girls Club is committed to providing quality programs and staff to help the youth of Santa Cruz County acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in our ever changing world and to be ready to take advantage of opportunities that may come their way.

The Club is committed to serving the needs of boys and girls
6 to 18 years of age during the critical hours when they are out of school and away from parental supervision.
The Club gives children what they need most: a safe environment where they can have fun and be themselves;
adult role models who respect and listen to them; and interesting and constructive educational and recreational activities that channel youthful energy into challenging and productive goals.

We Provide:

A safe haven away from negative influences
Ongoing relationships with trained, caring adults & role models Constructive, supervised programs that are sensitive to the   needs of at-risk youth
Guidance and encouragement in educational and career   endeavors
Positive programs that encourage strong values, self-esteem   and a healthy lifestyle
A solid gang prevention and intervention initiative
A vision of life beyond adolescence
A positive peer group environment
Great support system throughout the year

Boys & Girls Clubs of America History

Boys & Girls Clubs of America had its beginnings in 1860 with three women in Hartford, Conn.: Mary Goodwin, Alice Goodwin and Elizabeth Hammersley. Believing that boys who roamed the streets should have a positive alternative, they organized the first Club. A cause was born.

History Highlights

In 1906, several Boys Clubs decided to affiliate. The Federated Boys Clubs in Boston was formed with 53 member organizations – this marked the start of a nationwide Movement and our national organization.
In 1931, the Boys Club Federation of America became Boys Clubs of America.
In 1956, Boys Clubs of America celebrated its 50th anniversary and received a U.S. Congressional Charter. To recognize the fact that girls are a part of our cause, the national organization's name was changed to Boys & Girls Clubs of America in 1990.
Accordingly, Congress amended and renewed our charter.
 2006 marked the Centennial year of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, as we celebrated 100 years of providing hope and opportunity to young people across the country.

Our History

The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz County was built on the site of the old Armory, which served the troops of the 10th Cavalry and three companies of the 35th Infantry, dating back to 1918.
In May of 1993 The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz County was founded and began serving our community. Since opening its doors, The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz County has been the cornerstone of the community, serving over 30,000 youths.

Because of dedicated citizens and donors the Club has been able to keep its doors open and available to the kids in our community, recognizing a need for a place where they could go and escape the boredom and dangers of the streets. 2013 marked 20 years of service…. from 1993 through 2015 the Boys & Girls Club has served its purpose of keeping kids busy and out of trouble.

The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz County is dedicated to ensuring that our community’s youth have greater access to quality programs and services that will enhance their lives and shape their futures. The Club offers programs that provide youth with the opportunities to develop life skills that improve their prospects for success.

Our Staff

The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz County

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